Forum Light/Dark themes selectable via top-right hamburger button


thanks for fixing my eyes


Cool, but wow, you need to keep up more with topics :kissing_heart:

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Can we complain about censoring stuff?

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HEY, that is rude.

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Censor me senpai ;3

This is no longer an option? I’d like to set mine back to the light theme.

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Erm, you still can.

turns on light theme
turns on dark theme

I might be missing something super obvious, but I can’t seem to find it??

I also swapped to “Discord btn” and I’m now stuck as it! I can’t change off!
Gif evidence. I start on discord BTN, swap to dark, try to save and when I reload the page it swaps back to Discord BTN.

Just go to light

Your brain will thank you

Still @Dev-Xblade please revert so people can just choose what they want :stuck_out_tongue:

My eyes will hate me. I like my eyes

I’m now forced on to dark in mobile…

No, you can change it back in settings.

Oops change in settings. I was experimenting and accidentally made a bogus theme default. It wasn’t even the real dark theme. Some default dark theme.

Hamburger button should be back for most. Default should have remained light, not this 3rd party dark theme oops