Forum Hunger Games - SIGNUPS (1/24)


The Annual Hunger Games have only one rule:
Kill or be killed.

Players will have time in the Training Centre to figure out how Combat or actions work. Then the tributes will be thrown into an arena. Over the following weeks they will fight, until one lone victor remains.

To partake, type /Volunteer as Tribute with your District number and Gender, as well as your age (12-18 only).


Reaped -

District 1 -
District 2 -
(M) @DirectorHail - 17 years
District 3 -
District 4 -
District 5 -
District 6 -
District 7 -
District 8 -
District 9 -
District 10 -
District 11 -
District 12 -

May the odds be ever in your favour

magnus i think your hosting too many things

No I’m not.

yea, slow down

may i recommend you put this on hold until monsters ends?

burnout is a thing

pace yourself

Monsters won’t end for ages, and I promised Hja i’d host DeathNote misc after that.
Besides, 3 isn’t too many. I can handle it.

not if i have anything to say about it

Plus, i don’t expect this to fill immediately

How to get this to fill immediately:

You have been banned for spamming

Nope :-1:


(reeee don’t even think about pinging me I’m not joining anything)

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There’s no need to ping, the thread is not hidden or anything