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(Forum game) The Endless tower of Endless Insanity


Floor 107:
It’s a megauniversity. The fiend gets a degree on Chemistry here.


Floor 108:
It has two dogs, one is hungry and the other needy.


Floor 109:
This floor is filled with a bunch of grenades.


Also skulls but that’s expected by this point?


Floor 110:
There is a guy complaining about the stairs. A lot.


Floor 111:
All you see is a Priestess.
Seems like a reward floor?

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Floor 112:
Within inches of entering the room, you are suddenly teleported back to the ground floor.

A telepathic message says to you that floor 112 has collapsed and you have been… “saved”.

Good luck again.


Floor 113:
An angry landlord is done putting up with the next floor’s resident.
They are screaming. A lot.


Floor 114:
You enter a room where you must watch a For Honor Conqueror hip thrusting for four hours while the 11 year old manipulating them shouts obscenities at you.

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Floor 115:

You climb the long stairway to see a lot of For Honor Lawbringers, even though they’re on different teams, riding their poleaxe like they’re riding a horse/pony. Then you also see a Warlord teabagging an Orochi, shouting “LIGHT SPAM THIS, YOU PIECE OF-“

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Floor 116:

It’s just an entire server of Warden mains singing “Ave Maria”.


Floor 117:

A room completely full of screens all playing random youtube videos.


Floor 118:

A Raider lies dead, with a fist-sized dent in their helmet.

Scratched into the ground next to them is the word, “INCREDIBILIS”.

You are now being hunted.

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the ironic part is that I’d worry least about a cent

Floor 119:

you see a picture of a volcano, with many knights on their knees, praying to it. You see some other ones that reject the tradition, including a vortiger and sakura edge-walking together. Oh yeah, since you’re a dirty tiandi main now they’re all chasing after you. Including the edge-walking duo.

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Floor 120:

There is nothing in the room apart from a knife and a dead body. There is no blood on the knife. The only way to get out is to discover how the guy died.


Obv it wasn’t the knife, he probably got impaled on a sharp fence or something


Floor 121:

Marcus is walking in a straight line, but there is a post deleter coming right for him
Oh god oh fuck he has airpods in


Floor 122:


Oh god oh fucj

The Centurion’s coming.

You rush into the next room to find Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus arguing over who made “Old Town Road” great. You feel like this argument could go on forever, but they’re standing directly in the way of the staircase and neither seems intent on moving.