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(Forum game) The Endless tower of Endless Insanity


Floor 63:

There’s handmaiden art and “Handmaiden Best Girl” written everywhere.

You also find a ripped up image of the Maid with a(n?) X through her face. @Luxy


Floor 64:
You saw some…indescribable thing.


Floor 65:
You see the interior of a tavern. It seems comfortable, the owners are kind, and steels your mind for the horrors ahead.


Floor 66: You see the Doomslayer killing seemingly endless waves of demons… you also here some really metal music in the background that gives you tons of andrenaline… something you might need for the next stage.


Floor 67: You see the insidious Necrobumper in this room, laughing at you. You use all your adrenaline beating the shit out of him and flipping him off, because that guy’s a dick. Firekitten and PoisonedSquid watch you with fear in their eyes as you go to the next floor.


Floor 68: A sign saying that: “I wonder what will come next…”


Floor 69: Another sign, saying “no, no sex jokes here.”


Floor 70: A sign saying “but a sex joke here”, with a Bara furry underneath


Floor 71: A ‘No Furries’ sign.


Floor 72: A society populated with Bara furries


Floor 73: A society populated by Barbie furries

(Wait, what?)


Floor 75: Two worlds connected with a beautiful story of the two floors who united themselves together due to an error a deity was too lazy to fix.


Floor 76: Two Firekitten’s arguing.


Floor 77: Two Solic`s Death tunneling.


Floor 78:

An English professor rants about the misuse of apostrophes in the previous two floors.


Floor 79:

The Good Place Neighbourhood from the tv-show, The Good Place.


Floor 80: The Eric Andre Show.


Floor 81: The Crow’s Peak from The Witcher 3


breath in
breath out


Floor 82: You see Nautilus swimming in the air


Floor 83: The Darkest Dungeon. Good luck, anon.