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(Forum game) The Endless tower of Endless Insanity


Floor 43

A room full of terrible memes like ‘do u know de wey’ which makes you cringe to death


Floor 44:

You saw this:


Floor 45

A skeleton is trying to throw his wine at you. It’s stressful to say the least.


Floor 46

You see a bottle of Tide turning quickly.


Floor 47
Four fast doggos who are most than happy to give you rabbies


Floor 48

this floor is full of dead memes.


Floor 49

It’s a dark floor filled with everyone’s nightmare…



Floor 50

It is filled with Litizens that are lit as fuck. :fire: :ok_hand:


Floor 51

You’re a little confined. it isn’t a big floor.
what’s so bad about it you ask?
you’re stuck with @Memesky the entire time.


No u

Floor 52

You’re stuck in a ring with an angry bull


Floor 53

After hastily running away from the bull(you had an unfortunate encounter with them when you were young, and have been scared of them ever since) you find yourself in a spacious cavern complete with stalagmites, stalactites, and the faint rustling of bat wings, not that you can see them outside of your torch light. There’s a layer of water covering the entire floor that’s getting your shoes and socks wet. You regret not bringing your waterproof boots with you. Too late now, you think.


Floor 54:

A full pile of PKR flowchart are left on the ground, you picked it up and your health are fully replenished.


After memorizing the flowchart, you run upstairs, and find yourself stuck by a pit of spikes. Luckily, your dexterity score is 18.


Floor 56:

The power of tower caused you to be insane in your mind, making your next 10 action randomised.


Floor 57:
At this floor there is only insanity. Wait, no. There is only Insanity.


Floor 58:

Insanity the IRL people came out for a epic boss battle.


Floor 59:

The floor is lava


Floor 60:

The floor is a floor
Nothing to see here


Floor 61:

It’s completely barren aside from a small plaque in the middle. It says “8 left.” Huh. Wonder what that could mean?


Floor 62:

Salt of Squid lies at here.