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(Forum game) The Endless tower of Endless Insanity


Floor 21

A man screams.
He thinks he is funny.

He also thinks the floor is 10 + 9


Floor 22

Hjasik, Isaac, Bob, WildRaven, and Memesky are all in the room and staring at you.


Floor 23
There is a blue dragon there


Floor 24

peanuts growling


Floor 25, a bunch of Lawbringers Spam pony emote and Conquerers screaming RAH while doing the Psyched emote


Floor 26


Floor 27

there’s a leaky faucet. It’s driving you mad.


Floor 28



Floor 29
Is also floor 30
What is also floor 31


Floor 32

Filled with aerosolised LSD, causing you to trip balls.


Floor 33

Their are stairs leading up to a flamboyant, yet shirtless man. He has a star-shaped mark on the back of his neck.

He tells you that if you wish to join him, to go down the stairs. Upon taking a step forward, you find yourself one step back instead.

He reveals his Stand name, ZA WARUDO


Floor 34:

This room was filled with DETERMINATION, allowing you to save your progression.


Floor 35

The floor is filled to the brim with Hippo’s alts. It’s suffocating.


Floor 36:


Floor 37

There’s a campfire. in a tower. indoors.

Floor 38

This text will be hidden


Floor 39
A chilling cold comes from a window, where crappy music can be heard from. You hear a distant noise, which must come from the floor above…


Floor 40

turns out it’s some guy raging about how allies is broken cause they got caught as nk n1.


Floor 41

A poor old woman is trying to sleep, but the guy on the floor beneath her keeps waking her up


Floor 42:

A man crawl under the woman, and every one screamed “Pervert!” at him.