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(Forum game) The Endless tower of Endless Insanity


Here’s how it works. Each post is a floor on an endless tower. These posts must describe the floor. Could be anything, but it cannot have nothing in it.

Here’s floor 1: This floor is filled with a bunch of beach balls even though no natural water is in sight.


Floor 2
This floor is filled with lewdness And perversion


Floor 3

This room’s a party room with plenty of people, but do not seem to be having a good time. did someone poison the cake?


Floor 4

The Pharmacy

Everyone visiting this can not die. “An apple a day keeps you away”


Floor 5

there’s a sword laying on the floor. cool. it looks a little rusty so it might not help you on your quest. You decide to ignore the sword and keep climbing.


Floor 6
A giant floor filled with mirrors and axes


Floor 7

The Courtroom

Every person has to win a game in Throne Of Lies where they are Prince against Assassin with 14 Alchemists in order to proceed.


Floor 8

You probably should’ve grabbed that rusty sword from earlier. there’s plenty of vines and plants you need to cut through.


Floor 9

The floor is decorated with stuff from the Cookie Thread.


Floor 10

Contains Insanity (the guy)


Floor 11

Contains me saying “dammit i was about to post that”


Floor 12

There are two buttons. One takes you to the first floor. The other takes you to the 14th. There is no floor no.13.


Floor 13



Floor 14

There’s a lot of bread. But only for people who don’t use the elevator.


Floor 15

An angry dwarf is upset that his chicken nuggets are stolen. He runs towards you with a bloody ax three times his size thinking that you stole them! Roll for initiative


Floor 16

A well where you can hear:

No u

No u

No u

No u

No u


Floor 17

There should be something here, but…you just can’t make it out.

Something is off.

Get away.

It’s right there.


You cannot comprehend the horror that was in front of you. There is blood on his face. OH GOD, THERE IS BLOOD EVERYWHERE.

It’s Shia Lebouf


Floor 18

Take your steps cautiously. the floor’s not toxic, but the people in this room are.


Floor 19

A floor made of floors. No walls.


Floor 20

You must be tired of climbing stairs. there’s a bed here so that’s good. you rest easy.