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Forum game: Rate the "skill" of the player above you


Mercenary plays like somewhat European person


I mean, Ici is indeed somewhat polish.
There are some other somewhat polish people there :^)


the most advanced sneaky boi ever


Makes me think he’s FPSing when really it’s just me overthinking it


More effective at criticising classes than playing as them :wink:

No but for srs, I need to get a better gauge of your FM play, but I can only do so if you actually, y’know, play.


One replacement is needed for the slot of DatBird


Blind fuck




I skimmed the Polygamist game, and I wanted to get a few words out on the subject.

I think many of the same points I brought up earlier are shown in full force as things that got you lynched during the game despite meta saying otherwise. It’s extremely important to recognize what your meta means on other sites. In that game iirc you were collectively scumread for unreasonably going for FK for deepwolf potential.

You aren’t at fault.

It’s just important to recognize what happened and make sure that the site we are very likely to migrate to would be enthusiastic to see us.


I looked through that game And didnt find your posts


I replaced out early due to IRL stuff.

Still read through it


Still Noob tho


no u



You focus more on logical deduction and you don’t axtually try reading into why people do stuff. That’s pretty much your greatest flaw.


While you may scoff at this player and their cute PFP, the moment you enter their land, the land of the FM, they’re already plotting ways in which you’re scum and then executed. Don’t let the disguise fool you, they are a cold-hearted executioner, ready to drop the Begone Thot hammer on everyone, everywhere.



Occupation:Class Criticizer
Location:Forums, rarely seen in forum mafia games.
Weakness:Not being in enough forum mafia games






I should actually try that for once LOL
Maybe the next game that comes up I’ll slide into