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Forum game: Rate the "skill" of the player above you


(shhh, stop breaking the meme)


Nah man who the fuck is a NozBugz amirite




I don’t remember seeing Kai playing


Merc is an experience to have played with over the course of their FM career :^).

I’d say their scum play is a little too focused on pushing agenda, and they can easily be found out due to coming out from nowhere on their reads. I still find their scum play quite decent, and one thing they should very much develop into their game play is trying to get off a strong start. I believe that when you have the chance to control the narrative your win is very much in the bag. So a TL;DR would be play more proactive than reactive.
In contrast, their town play I believe is strained by quite a few issues. I believe that their mindset is not focused enough on pushing town agenda of finding town / scum alongside a considerable amount of mechanics talk, which has unfortunately lead to them being a fairly easy mislynch target, seen in VCFM. If they were to improve on that aspect of their play I could see them being a fairly solid Level 2 town.


I revived this thread because I believe that players need to have criticism from others to help themselves improve. Lack of development is also an issue that plagues some games, which have been easily solved through meta reads or a reliance on town leaders to carry games.

Now onto the topic of Geyde.

When he is consensus town, he is pretty scary for scum to deal with since his reads are fairly consistently on point, in part due to his meta reads. He doesn’t really need to improve how he influences town, but rather how he gets about pushing town agenda. In many situations improper speech or lack of clarity in their words have led to wagons being formed on him, and a subsequent AtE fest that doesn’t help him improve his play.

When he plays scum, I’d call how he plays very good. I’d honestly think he’s a great player to have on any scum team due to how he works to make a powerwolfing core through communication. I would say that he falters under gambits that play with how players trust him, as he is unsure how to act when the intentions of other players aren’t clearly defined.


Eh, his AtE isn’t as wild as it should be


For Squid, I’d say that how they can improve is mainly about their focus, their emotion in regards to the game. Keeping frustration in check is the most important thing in their way to improving. Once that’s done in a general sense they can get better by experience.

Even when pressured, they shoudl try to focus on their own agenda as town. Try to gamesolve solo, but if that can’t be done, it’s completely alright.

As for their scum game, I don’t really have any glaring issues beyond one thing I’ll say to most: have a strong start. Make a few townreads as well.

I’d say they are a solid Level 2 town/scum provided they are in complete control of their situation.


(Rate me, though please don’t mention about the last one I play .-.)


Insanity is an interesting case.

I’d say that they are easily meta read for all the wrong reasons. It all goes back to dedication to the game, and Insanity cares quite a damn lot about it as scum, specifically Third Party roles like NK.

TP > Scum > Town

(This is how I view their current play sequentially.)

I’ll bring up their best moments of play in EFoL 2 (pre-roll) and Elemental Large as the TP Killer. They are focused on the game while not seeming nearly as airy about the game otherwise. They have a solid town mindset and have great defenses that make lynching them in those cases quite difficult. I don’t think you really need to improve your third party play as I believe it doesn’t need that much of a bump beyond more experience as other roles.

As for their scum play, we’ve seen excellent examples through Dustpan where they can really look town for a while, but also have seen examples where they didn’t care about the game enough to last long. The biggest suggestion beyond greater WiM (Winning in motivation) is to try to have a strong start and work with your wolf partners. Going UtR does not work and has not worked when the town has all the time in the world to build blocks.

Town!Insanity further exacerbates the issues mentioned earlier. They suffer in motivation and are famously a common mislynch. The ultimate thing I’d say to them is to get their act together and really try to prod people to further the town agenda. Even if you don’t have great reads getting the reactions for the people who can interpret them is a very pro-town thing you could do. Doing nothing to help town has gotten you killed several times.



I really just kinda lose my motivation of playing after some stuff happening both in IRL and ingame.)


Ey @Geyde hmu with some of that sweet feedback


(I’m not actually confident in saying what you should improve on as scum.)




Lowkey I’m struggling to come up with more content

I’ll ignore your scum play as I don’t think there are any serious problems with it. All it needs is more experience and team play to succeed more often.

BlueStorm. Famous Level 0 Town.

The statement about you being level 0 town is more of a pessimistic point on things, and as you have made abundantly clear you have an incredible game for proper night actions. You struggle hard during the day though, and that undoubtedly is very bad for setups that aren’t rolemadness.

Dissecting down into your day play, there are a few extremely huge problems with your play: namely your reliance on gut reads and your tendency to completely throw logic out the window to avoid getting deepwolfed by players like FK, which usually leads to you unnecessarily deathtunneling players like them. Instead, approach reading with an open mind, as that will both help you when getting read and you reading others. Basically looking like you want Fk to be lynched because you think they are deepwolf when there is no background behind that claim only makes it look like you are pushing an agenda.

Rely on your own ability to read people and not past games when reading decent players like myself. Meta reads are best used in supplement to a main read against players who play well on scum. Using them against somebody like Luxy would also be a good use of this.

Finally, don’t let emotion take over your posting when arguing with people. Swearing at the other person only makes them look like the reasonable one, which undoubtedly will result in the wagon being easily shifted onto you if you actually found a scum. Best example to go by would be SF3, but other games also show this.



Good town. With experience you will keep getting better, and I like your townplay in most circumstances. I’d work with other people more but your intuition is actually p good.

Scum Hja is my ultimate pet peeve on this forum. Simply put, making an obvious scum AI makes playing with you beyond frustrating, especially when you are on my scumteam :^).

If you can get over the inactivity I’d enjoy playing with you a lot more.

I don’t have anything really specific to say about your play since I mostly just metaread you, unfortunately.


The most rock-solid player on the site. You can’t go wrong with Geyde on your team, as he’s both a strong reader and dosen’t have a particularly obvious or damaging wolf AI.


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