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Forum game: Rate the "skill" of the player above you



Decent player

Terrible necromancer


stop reviving dead threads

easily scumread by me :sunglasses: but otherwise an overall decent player and revenger who makes me kinda salty D:<


Mega Noob


no u


Reeee I was just typing a rating.

Well, never seen you play? :thinking:


Good player but tunnels town as town


Bad scum as their lurking tell is obvious.

Town has a spectrum that ranges from really good reads to what…? as seen in Necromancer’s Revenge and Return of The Blue Dragon III. Has promise if he tries. Area of improvement is trying to convince people of his reads and steer that direction instead of “being right” after the flip.


They certainly exist.


Too easily found as scum, townplay is not very accurate.
You want to see Icibalus in the other team.


They certainly do not exist.


since cheesyknives is a myth designed to keep down a dissident mass, i will instead judge hjasik
literally the worst player ever, like memesky but not a meme, and is dedicated to the annoyance of literally fucking everybody


And I was already in bad mood that I couldnt trigger anyone guess I was Wrong


im ignoring you hjasik >:V

also hjasik being even worse than me?
I doubt it

Since I am bad at forum games, take my words with a grain of salt. I say that Ici is definitely able in in FM, and is very knowledgable in what he does, but is very good mechanically, but according to others, might not be the best in applying that into reads and the like?


Greatest insult


all i know you for is for memes so
let’s be meme bros


I don’t remember how Cheesy plays so
You nice at rp


Dont know how you play but you seem solid


Welcome to the site!

Wait, you say you plaied here already?


Pretty sure kai is noz