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Forum game: Rate the "skill" of the player above you


Very good at picking apart players via ISO, even if he burns out after one or two and has to wait a while to do more :wink: . Strong town player with strong reads. Solid scum game except when he replaces in to lock-scum slots. Only played one scum game with tho.


Do me pls.


By far the best forum player on this site, it’s not even a question. You have never even lost a game. Some may claim that this is due to you never having played one but don’t listen to the haters. You are truly the Alexander the Great of Forum Imperium, a real force of nature in everything you do. You inspire me everyday, and some day I hope to live up to your name.


Im sorry, but i havent played a game with you, so i cant really comment on your skill. Maybe you should join a FM or 2 to see.


no u


I have no idea about Marcus’ scum plays, but as town they seem pretty good, and I didn’t see him under-fire once in AAFM.
I occasionally scum read him in the one game I played with him, but mostly because that was the one game I played with him. Can be a little-too unserious, but usually balances it out with convincing pushes.


I haven’t really played with Nerb a lot. (Well I have, it’s just that he is kinda inactive)

He did have a clever play in Cult In The Jungle though I think? (Not sure if it was intentional or unintentional tho)


I have seen the potential of a Htm that tries hard in my first game here (cult in the jungle) and I miss it to be honest. :confused:


(Well if you want to see a cult in the jungle htm then you should check out Duck Duck Goose, I basically read the scum team day 3)


Hippo is actually pretty good, even though he owes me for one of his Fool wins :stuck_out_tongue:


can i get a rating :thinking:


Impossible to rate fairly as the forum community lynches him D2

(Also welcome back)


I’ve only played the one game with Sketch, but he had me read as Neutral correctly in SFoL Blender II and was killed n1 so I think that says enough about him.

Like me, his poker experience helps his view of FM




Lynch day 2.


Can I get some feedback plz



Just kidding, Luxy is a good scum and town player, by being both blendy and hidden, yet confident enough to pull risky plays. HOWEVER, his lack of discord is a big hinderance


Best player :wink:


A good player all around, though your play is typically plagued by simple issues. As scum, you don’t bother distancing from your partners so associative reads on you can easily be used to gamesolve for town. As town, you should try to discern what’s NAI from AI as you clear or tunnel on players for poor reasons at times.


I’ve heard that Sarun is a really good player, but since I’ve only played with them once, and briefly as they were mislynched day one, I’ll rate their skill as a host.
Sarun was an incredibly good host in Adjective Mafia. I noticed only one mistake in the game (lynchproof encouraging laziness in scum), and Sarun vowed to fix it for next time. If I’m correct, that was Sarun’s first hosted games, and I was very impressed. I am heavily looking forward to Adjective Mafia 2, and hopefully won’t die day one as medium next time.