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Forum game: Rate the "skill" of the player above you


I wasn’t actually bashing on him. He is a really good player as town, and is still good as scum, even though sometimes he takes unnecessary risks.

Sarun, I can’t speak if you’re good or not since the one game I played with you you were mislynched day 1. But you seem really good.


Ici was like my town hero in Cult in the Jungle, where he replaced in and immediately caught a scum out of nowhere to my perception.


I didn’t see him as player for a while but what can I say they are OK.

They overreacting to much as Town which leads sometimes to misslynch, talking about Evil roles I also saw him once and they played not bad besides being caught by mechanics.


But Solic.
Firekitten is never a bad lynch.
Even a mislynch.

Everyone quick CFD onto FK.
/vote Firekitten

:bus: :bus: :bus:


Also I have this urge.
The urge to mislynch.
I really want to mislynch PKR right now.

:bus: :bus: :bus:


Bus Driver show their will and now we need to obey!

/throw under bus Firekitten



The shepherds multiply. HALP! You hold no power over me. /vote self


Stop Gamethrowing! REEEE



Solic. I know you’re town.
But I just want a mislynch rn.

/vote Solic

:bus: :bus: :bus:


And the Shepherd becomes the sheep. :eyes:


No plz


Prepare to be ordered every day and occupied every night :smiling_imp:


No please have mercy D:


Inter :clap: active :clap: game :clap: play


Yet another of the best players on this site, though your main issue in your town-play here seems to be that you’re far too overconfident on your reads and should spend more time evaluating them instead of rushing a lynch or a CFD. While having confidence in general is fine, try not to let it blind you to additional information. See d1 in SFoL where you were absolutely sure Blizer did a mechanical slip while ignoring that the rest of the town concluded the Maid changes were added after Eevee rolled the class cards.

Your scum game’s better than your town game, to be fair. The main issue behind your bussing is that aside from the fact that we all know that this is your bread and butter as scum, you don’t take the effort to make the bussing seem natural. See how I analyzed Unknown’s wagon in Chess Mafia and I’d likely have gotten you hung hadn’t people just blindly sheeped to you. While I typically don’t bus, when I do I usually make the progression on my view look more natural rather than going from zero to sixty.

Also Marl, can I have feedback on myself? I’ve been asking you for it for weeks and you’ve yet to respond. :wink:


Mislynch day one :+1:


Adequate. Not too memey, but doesn’t have a big enough voice to carry into town leader slots imo.
Confidence level is justified as a result.

IGN: PokemonKidRyan


Is dis self-insert advertisement :thinking:


Misplaces his trust/buddies too hard and finds it very difficult to streamline their playstyle so as to appear NAI, I’d recommend trying to adapt a townleader type style especially in roles that fit that mould


Decent player, especially when town. Leads town very effectively in Lylo/Mylo. When scum however, he falls short during RVS often pushing on people for meming or just straight out scumslips himself. Tries to pocket town harder than I do when scum from what I’ve seen in a select few games with you.

I would like to play more FM as well as play ToL with you. I can only play on weekends tho.

IGN: Luxy