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Forum game: Rate the "skill" of the player above you


His language barrier arguably is one of the factors preventing him from changing his lurker AI all-round.

I think if he tried to townlead in his next town game despite him maybe having awful grammar it could benefit his faction greatly.

Overall I find him proficient in his current AI, I would encourage him to try and vary up his playstyle so he can try new plays as scum without immediately getting FOSed, I think this would lead to more dynamic interactions and a more engaging experience overall.


marcus is consistently good as all allingments but I feel like he hasn’t been handed a posiiton to really show his true power yet.

(also I agree i’m shit at Mafia the only good town games I have are where I’'m peeked or discovered town very early on)


A pretty solid player, but I have in the past overestimated their scum play skill.


Mole is the best host ever

although I have yet to see sufficient amounts of their gameplay to properly critique their scum and town plays


Livicus is one of the old player in the forum.

His scumread are usually good, but when he is scum :thinking:


Insanity, the young little one, who tags along with us and then stays relatively quiet but is always a good guy and sheeps at the right moments

and what do you mean by “old”


Liv usually plays well as town, and is serious enough to focus on the game, yet not serious enough to go ape-shit when someone does something wrong. (And also request for GIFs. Cheater.) It’s a good mix, and I’ve never seen anyone pissed off at him because of it.
I’ve never seen them as wolf.


mislynching you for cred in the tourney was fun :^)

i don’t have much to say really though


Too easily found as scum, townplay is not very accurate.
You want to see Icibalus in the other team.


okay i’m just going to stop you right there
i’m shit often but I’m NOT actually so bad you don’t want me as a buddy

firstly, my wolf play is realtively strong when you actually look at the fucking results of it
secondly, if i’m peeked or consensus townie from early on my reads get more accurate

i know i’m bad but you’re being judgemental there


also they’re alright as town, haven’t seen their wolf play enough to be sure. Their reads are pretty alright but they suffer from a tone that often gets them mislynched.

however their EoD play from Fates makes me think they have a ton of potential if they can get a better tone




Didn’t play with her :^)


my entire fatal flaw is rushing things
it’s how i’ve carried my team to several losses, time after time


I wasn’t in a tourney.


the FoL tourney, remember?
where I was Devout King and fucked everyone’s minds.


…I think I do.
I’m not sure.
Was I cult that game?
Wait I remember.
Screw you.




Selfish, manipulative, piece of crap.
Will do anything to win, even sacrifice their teammates.
(Actually a good player. When town.)


Errr, why exactly is everyone bashing Ici? As town he’s fairly skilled and a better-than-average scumhunter while his gambits as scum aren’t bad either.

IMO, you rely too much on mechanics to deduce in general. I’d focus more on trying to read players by their motivation, association, and whatnot as deduction by mechanics depends far too much on the setup to work.