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Forum game: Rate the "skill" of the player above you


I thought you are single .-.


It was a joke


I’m disgusted. Marriage is no joke Litten.


But the cupcakes :thinking:
I can’t feed my kids cause no one is buying my cupcakes


Biggest improvement of 2018.

From a spam machine to a town leader.


The lil swoon that no one highly rates.

But is important to the point to the need to get lynched.


The person above is not bad at forum games.

I review the goodestly



Slightly poor to average townplay
But very good scum play IN A VACUUM

Using meta reads it’s fairly easy to tell if he’s scum though


Let’s be brutally honest here tbh


The fabled shepherd. Feared by scum in all regards, be that if you’re on their team or not.


Reee I don’t want ego inflation I want brutally honest critique

Also Solic is pretty solid all around
On par with Sarun and Hippo


2 words: Mislynch Marl


Scum slipped. Confirmed evil king


You forgot the apostrophes



buddies with town too hard as scum :^)
but otherwise decent


I’ll criticize you in the morning boo, but for now i need my sleep so bye


Excuse me, i came up with that boi, Pug stole it off of me.

Also, Really good town player, but his scum game at times can be a bit, too showing, but i still have him as arguably one of the better players of the forums.


Did someone order brutal critique?
Let me intervene.
*draws 1000 page book but in fact it was only a note

He’s knows as “Shepherd” who have tendencies to lead the train against player as any alignment.
The problem is it usual lead to misslynches and it slightly decrease Town’s chances to win.
But what can I say, he’s quite good with using scumreading on their favour and deduction which leads sometimes to outing entire teams without saying it directly.

Due to his status and appearance as leader, unxperienced players usually stick to him like bees to honey, which unfortunately he can’t sometimes distinguish Town and Evils and he’s common being visited by multiple people in early game.

As Evil, he loves to out his teammate in order to get potential trust people around him, however it usually didn’t cross him as suspect. He’s not a bad player as Evil but there some issues that are quite visible like proposing ideas that aren’t beneficial for Town or consequently ignoring questions that are spot on.

Overall, he’s decent player but a little overrated in my opinion.


Wait, so I am lil swoon?