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Forum game: Rate the "skill" of the player above you


Overall relatively good player. Tends to be a bit on the memey side and relatively easy to underestimate. However, could easily cause a number of mislynches as “town” leader. Isn’t as useful as town though.


the highest-quality meme on the site


One of the sleeper best readers on the site. When they want to do well they utterly wreck the opposite team. Of course, their play is very inconsistent and they often get metaread as scum for the worst reasons on the planet (ex: trying is a scumtell?).

As a GM, there is only one tip I can give:

Don’t give Margaret VT if you value your setup


I see this shade Geyde. :eyes:


It’s not just you.

You are just the most current example.


It actually is a scumtell because it accours in most of her games


(When She is scum)


And much less frequently when she is town


Same was with insanity he was catched few times by that meta read


But heres my thing

If I like my class, I actually try

Its just easier not to quit on town if you are scum


It happens less often as town than as scum


not wanting to let you down but I still love NK-aligned prince executing the NK


Alright we need a new thread

This thread is basically praising people and then some criticized

We need a thread meant for people to actually get criticized

Coming right up