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Forum game: Rate the "skill" of the player above you


If I were you I would probably ask eevee how to preform it, unless you want to actually just fail miserably


Yeah, I’ll slide into some dms to gain knowledge


I volunteer as tribute.


Lack of faith in reads.
That’s like the only thing you have trouble with rn
Your lack of faith makes you automatically distrust your reads which shouldn’t be the case. You should trust your reads and when they are wrong learn from it and try trusting it again. Eventually, you will get good reads



I had to reach with giving advice to others tbh I don’t remember what’s wrong with you

probably just get good reading



There is a problem


You over analyze everything to the point that you are basically adding confirmation bias.


Yeah, that is probably the case tbh.


Let’s skip all the expected praise Litten :wink:

I don’t really play games together with you anymore, but the last thing I remembered was that you distinctly make up reads or arguments sometimes (as scum) and get away with it due to hyperposting. Those can ultimately be your downfall too however if you can’t find the right motivation to fit with it.

Your hyperposting also sometimes makes it harder to generate some interactions that do not include you, which may benefit town more in the long run. Also I dislike hyperposting unnecessarily

If this sounds vague, it’s probably because I don’t have anything more concrete and somehow and fortunately ended up on the same team as you in the past few games we did play together.

Also to do add something positive and possibly unexpected, I respect how you generally handle your own emotions.


Solic, the death tunneler:

Your strength is death tunneling. However there’s several problems with this.

If you death tunnel someone and get the reaction that they are obvious town you basically ignore it and keep tunneling it.

When you death tunnel someone and figure out they are village, you can have problems escaping the repercussions of the death tunnel. The worst part of the death tunnel is when you realize you tunneled a villager but the village fights back and tunnels you back.

Honestly, it’s not a bad play style. You just got to get better at recognizing villagers and then get better at escaping someone’s wrath when you stop death tunneling them

Adding onto this, you remember short fuse where I tunneled Wazza then tried to reason with him. I was trying to figure out how to get Wazza to stop death tunneling me cause ik it would happen when I stoped

Also it’s not my fault that I am more active then everyone.


imagine my problems
but worse

I’m still learning not to reaction test 24/7 as I still somehow experiment on something and realize it’s an awful idea. Asking people for their rolecolor is bad, don’t do it. In other sites I learned that can clget you modkilled. Your reaction tests if you want to do them need to have more flair in them


(But does anyone have any consistent scum/town tells for me?)


It’s easy to feel but not to tell. I would worry more about getting correct reads and then learn how to fake reads.


FK, is there anything you can add to what Geyde has already said about me in post 155?

Also sorry for splitting up your posting for other people :confused:


Tbh this isn’t true at all.

I have problems when I’m having a bad day and then I’m getting pushed on.

For example, soda mafia we lynched a town. Okay I’m fine I thought, then in cat mafia.

There was two mafia. One claiming parity cop with a guilty on step. One claimed cop with a guilty on the parity cop. I thought the cop claim was BS but then the parity cop slipped, which made me have a really bad day thinking I was pushing a town until the mafia died and I was like oh okay


Same as nerbins. Trust your reads until proven wrong and improve them. You say you can’t read me okay so ATTEMPT to. If you are wrong you will eventually get to the point of being right a lot of the times.


above post was meant for you


I feel like I’m missing something


is it about ur scum game