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Forum game: Rate the "skill" of the player above you


Can apply to forum mafia/of lies or Throne of Lies itself.

It might be easier to determine by forum of lies though, so include your ToL name below your rating.


Is this like my 5th forum game or something?

IGN: Planterror


This is going to end badly tbh.

So talented you can’t even see them.


If it doesn’t spam, is actually pretty good.


I have a feeling this is going to be toxic tho


I’m not even sure how this is gonna be pulled off because most people aren’t active in forum of lies


aaaand ded


I’ve never played with the person above.
I think.


My rating of the player above: Eh


Definitely really really improved from when they first joined which is super impressive. 2 main weaknesses in their game is:

A) Not giving a proper defense when accused as town. Try respond logically as to why you are town if you are town without using an Appeal to Emotion or referencing past games. This is normally what gets you lynched from what I’ve seen Squid.

B) As scum acting very inorganically with response to wagons. Try forgetting you are scum for a second before posting something and think “would Town Squid have a reason to say this”. If the answer is no, don’t click on Reply.


Probably one of the best players currently on forum in my humble opinion.

  1. As Town he almost never cracks under pressure and even if they are a little salty about something, he usually stays calm and brings something important to discussion regardless of circumstances. (He wasn’t misslynched even once, unless Fool but it isn’t really count)
  2. It’s hard to see a difference between Town!Hippo and Scum!Hippo. There is few things that he’s doing as Evil however it very hard to find with wall of posts with town motivation.


Haven’t seen a lot of this person play aside from Fire Emblems. I can’t really describe them as much, but I can tell you one thing. They have done well to fit in the community. They have learnt from everyone. Sometimes, things don’t go quite well and you’re able to stay calm and collected. Even though I haven’t seen a lot of you playing, I will mention another thing. Dedicated to the games they host/co-host. They have been a pleasure to play the games they have hosted.

In conclusion, need to see you in more games, but someone who has pride in their hosting skills. I’m looking forward to playing more games you host in the future, and wish to see much more pride go into your abilities as a host.


Probably one of the the best, if not the very best town leaders on this site. Additionally your scumreading abilities are also as on-par to them. I haven’t played many games with you, but in every game you’ve typically done well in organizing and leading the game while also reading scum even before the other players notice it, ala recently in RM.


Sarun gud

Need say more?


Memesky hard carries always.

Need I say more?


My nemesis. :eyes: My admiration knows no bounds and I can’t wait for the fabled SvS we will have one day. That’s all.


Solic as a townie has a great gut intuition and willingness to trust their town locks

however they’re too easily sic’d onto other players and as scum, they show their allegiances too easily


This guy is like Roulette.

Once he screw up as Town, other time he screw up even more.

But on serious note, not very bad player. However his joking nature kinda backfire when people though he’s Evil distracting Town.

You can skip me if you want, just put someone else.


Derps a lot during the early game, but is actually very good once he’s out of his VI stage and can easily make the connections required to carry.

I’ve yet to play with scum!Livicus, thus I’ve only had experience with your town play, so~


You will never find my scum AI, mortal!

maniacally laughts