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Forum Game: Nerf the class above you



Marl is not allowed to paint anyone like them

Adiart Revenant



Kill his hostage immediately when turned into Revenant.




Whenever you kill someone they do not go to dead chat. They instead go to “Willy Wonka Land” where they get unlimited chocolate and can play mini-games when there are 2 or more players there. Every night they play a game of Halo 2, and whoever wins proceeds to “The Void”. When there are 3 people in the void they play a tournament of paper-scissors-rock, best out of 50. The rankings in this tournament determines what happens to each player. The winner is revived as a BD aligned revenant and told who the Assassin is, but they are also linked to the Assassin. The runner-up must return to dead chat. The loser remains dead but can talk in chat, and must recite at least 50 Shakespeare sonnets every day or their ToL account is deleted along with the Assassins.




House isn’t baby-proofed.

MLM companies.

Fun fact: this is the first time anyone posted about pyramid schemes here.



I grow braincells and research it because idk what you fucking mean because I have Memesky iq



Too op and cannot be nerfed
Court wizard


Can only barrier threads,but prevents necroposting

No more classes