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Forum Feat: Signatures. Oh, yes


*Marl knows too muchi


inb4 you actually are a great player but just troll here


I can actually see this why


I know too much already but cba to think about it tbh

The only thing that would ever surprise me is if you’re Sarah Thorpe, otherwise I really don’t think your “identity” will faze me at all

@amrock lmao

And understood lol


I’m secretly orange’s alt




I believe it


So do I :heart:


thanks everyone now i can’t have signatures you all fucked up >:(


Only one person made a mistake though ;-;


No they were a buggy mess on top of being unnecessary clutter


You could just disable them if you wanted, it is not obligatory.
So if people want to enjoy things, just let them enjoy things.




shows trumpet


My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.