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Forum Feat: Signatures. Oh, yes


What’s the difference between loved and favorite


Almost nothing.

We need more categories.


oh shit


Roles I love vs my favorite roles to be in-game

I hated old Spy (and new Spy lol) conceptually but I loved being it because being OP is a little bit fun I guess

Although maybe that’s not accurate because Jailor is in there

eh idk that’s two years old at this point


riperoni in sigs


I had two fanarts and a gallery of apple shaped like things on a Transformice fansite.


I mean, it is pretty indeed.


And occupies almost the same space as a single-line post on 100x. Maybe it won’t on 86x, let me test it out


Yo did you just say Transformice?

Man I digged that game so hard.


Awww, do you still know your nickname?


Y’damn right I do


The website was CFM. A shame it’s off, both fanarts were very pretty :confused:


My past is a shame.


I might show yall my old siggie eventually

Might expose who I am on some forums though


It probably won’t


so? lol


It definitely will




*I’m concerned about both orange and marl :woman_shrugging:


Why Marl?