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Forum Feat: Signatures. Oh, yes


I can’t wait until this is the default


Orange you are going to get them to ban pictures


i would kms


Help, I’m coughing so hard I’m going to puke


Won’t posts be so much easier to read




Plus they’ll look so pretty


No see they were the ones trying to enable this


This is THE SHAMELESS advertisement.


They want the pretty




PANIC. Someone call mod-1-1!


I hope I’ve made my point, please keep them off


You monster


Imagine if I had my entire sig and not just the truncated version though

You’d see this in every post I make

Help support my Investigator Results List Overhaul and Town of Salem 1.5 suggestions!

Favorite Roles: Janitor, Spy
Loved Roles: Jailor, Witch, Executioner
Hated Roles: Mafioso, Amnesiac, Arsonist, Vampire

Hey boys could we do the christmas hat thingy

Wouldn’t that be great?


That would be fantastic and surely get someone banned


I think I coughed so hard that I displaced my pelvis




Speaking of holy crap that sig is old