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Forum Feat: Signatures. Oh, yes


Nothing :eyes:


Do you have Photoshop?
I can teach ta
Save the gif, open it in Photoshop, CTRL+Alt+I, mess up with the crop feature sometimes, Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S to save and optimize.



This was mine


Is it creepy if I put the eye as my signature :eyes:


Except it’s huge on mobile lol

Honestly signatures just don’t work that well in the endless flow of Discourse


I have something similar to Photoshop :confused:


They’re great when each post is highly differentiated , but in Discourse’s single-page crawl it’s just too much


Can’t find where to put it


Rip Siggies

I was gonna use my normal one from another forum :thinking:




I would use one of my old signatures from other forums, but sadly all forums I’ve been on are now dead :confused:



If I try to crop a gif, it becomes corrupted


How so?






wow what


When I placed the gif in Kirita (What I used), it turned into that monstrosity


Turning of a feature the same hour it is implanted
We did it, Reddit.


Insert trombone of failure here