Forum Family Tree(W.I.P)

Here is forum family tree (W.I.P)

Feel free to ping me to make additions/changes where you see fit, I may or may not add/adjust it


WTF I have proof of being a son of marl

He called me son in multiple MU games

how did Icibalus have a child with no female…

@icibalus wanna explain yourself

how the hell do you not know who you married marcus

wait @unknown sure did have a lot of relationships

Unknown has been everywhere :eyes:

unknown having a child with himself seems awkward

It is unknown whether some of my siblings are adopted or not, its quite possible

He sometimes mingles in the art of asexual reproduction

so Alice is related to marl

I don’t want isaac as an uncle help

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Yes all americans are related somehow

also I couldnt add cousins so tree is limited to parents/partners/siblings


Yeah this is getting confusing

technically all humans are related

imagine tracing our history to the very first human

first thing that is a priority when we learn time travel

image chucking this here for reference in case I forget

First thing we do when we time travel is to kill the first humans

seems like something a human would think is logical