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For if you are gone for long periods of time


I may quit the forums for some time after I finish all my games. Lately I’ve been losing my temper too often and becoming a completely toxic jerk towards others to the point that I’m absolutely beginning to hate myself for it.

This isn’t exactly certain, but this is a forewarning in case I go silent.


Don’t do that, it literally can be solved VIA a blacklist. We don’t need to lose any more people.


:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: PLS DON’T ALICE


Come back when I come back. :wink:


It’s like a simple solution just to have a blacklist. Don’t leave.


There used to be this popular Hannah Montana song called “moving on letting go holding on till tommorow” it’s called life fire


Except it’s literally has nothing to do with that it literally has to do with being toxic which can be solved


You don’t need to blacklist people. I’ve been raging at everyone as of late. This isn’t healthy at all.


:sob: :sob: :sob: Don’t encourage her Solic

You can’t be any more toxic than my bad ships and confusing people’s gender


Except we keep losing people :sob:


Yeah but we are also gaining people so… we are moreso being static in numbers


It’s bad though. We need growth


Remaining here in the current state would also be extremely unhealthy for the forums. I’m becoming far too toxic for it which is why I want some time to leave.


can we let you go instead


Wow, I think with the number of mislynches you caused it would be beneficial for forum mafia games if you were politely (not really politely) asked you to go


Also but then who will flag all the necessary posts as inappropriate


@Marluxion I heard people are being toxic in this topic


Well, even if you decide to leave FoL/FM for a bit, please consider staying on as a host-co-host and play on an occasional basis like Psy


Also if you leave like hippo did abandoning his hades game I will be very upset.


That’d be possible.