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For if you are gone for long periods of time


Don’t tell shurian bout dis


I got hava :frowning:


I’m back.





With a heavy heart I must bid adieu to this loving community. I have had loads of fun while it lasted. The reason for my departure is an actual departure for a 1.5 month-long trip to Asia to celebrate finishing my Master’s Thesis and my chapter as a student. I did my thesis at a company office and as such, forum games were perfect as a distraction. Over time I fear I might have spend more time on it than I would have liked to however, so that is a possible reason why my absence might be forelonged/permanent. I hope you had fun playing with me, as I did with you and who knows, maybe I’ll return in due time. I’m not leaving until early October, so I’ll still comment here and there until that time possibly.

Lots of love,


I honour my necromancer win with this revival. Have to end on a high note? :thinking:


Mate, I’ll miss you and your TvT deathtunnels.


Gotta do two things:


Here’s one.


And here’s the other.


When People think you are dead:



I never said I thought you were.


People Thought i was leaving.


I didn’t.
Some others did in the Discord.
Aaaand I just checked it.
You already know this.



Tbh, im super tired rn.


Pshh Canadians, they have tooooo much maple syrup during the day


Bliz’s situation in a nut-shell.


This is so sad, Alexa, play despacito.


Shit, weve been fount out.


not joining forum games basically mean you are dead


damn man. gonna miss your arguments and tunnels. :frowning: