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For if you are gone for long periods of time


Plunders were basically a pacebreaker.


Give an option to skip plunders. But only a few times maybe?


Plunders have been reworked entirely.

Captain gives plunder abils now


no please pkr :frowning:


Really? Why?



we won’t meme kill u anymore :sob:


Responded to FK by accident lul


Uhm, mental meltdown.


Woah dude, if you’re going to drop a bombshell at least give us some context man! And please do tell us if you will still be around on the forums!


Context is @ritual mafia thread read the thread and you would have your context


Hear, hear me!

Soon from 11 August, I will be on the trip so I probably be slightly less active or even inactive.
It means, I won’t attend to any FM’s during this time. Either way, I’m writing here so be happy/sad about it, I don’t really care. Lel
Have a nice day.


rip have fun


I leave to a no internet camp for 5 days

Ok see ya


Hey guys,

I’m sorry but I have to leave the forums because I was diagnose with Ligma and will die in a week.





I’ve similarly come down with a case of kizma


And me, with a case of Sugma.


What’s Sugma?


I have a case of Ledda


I am committing sudoku.

bai guys