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For if you are gone for long periods of time


also I’m concentrating on something heavily irl.


Well, at least it’s not as bad as rolling assassin twice and getting lynched d1 both times :,)


but no.

It’s not salt from fates.
I’m finding Blender unfun to play too.


it’s fine, Pug, everyone needs a break from Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies sometime. It’s a game about arguing and sometimes it gets too intense to be fun any more.

although actually I’d argue that only Surviovr-type neutrals and neutrals with asinine objectives in general are actively unfun to play but I digress


holy shit. I agree that they’re the worst.


Alch: Suck your own dick and plead that nobody kills you. Out asap.
Cowardly King: same as above
Merc: Suck your contract’s dick and plead that nobody kills them. Pray for conversion
Fool: Be an idiot


Ptsd flashbacks to SFoL13

Never again shall I try to actually play the game as BD as a survivor in an FM game
Never again. the only fun part about that game was the memes


be me and openly claim alch just so you can survive for the entire game doing nothing.


in fairness the plague mechanic meant I physically could not slank in that game sooooo


marl died funny haha xd joke


the truth is that I knew I was killing marl basically the whole time
that bit was fun


you’re dead to me


someday i’ll roll alch and show you all how to truly meme


/vote pug





After his trial. The King has had enough shit from Pug, thus he threw his rightside axe right into Pug’s face.

Pug was The Worst Host and Gamemode Creator ever.

Neutral Killer


I think your great at making games tho


siege on xed war flashbacks

maybe not.


Nah that was decent without the spiritulaist


but seriously.

The idea of Xed sounded much better on paper, it just went really bad.