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For if you are gone for long periods of time


Daily update season 4: the one where I’m not supposed to have my cell phone
Episode 0: the drive there


Daily update
Episode 1: dawn of the first day


Daily update
Episode 2: settling in

everybody always talks about Night disappearing but nobody talks about how the same thing happened to Lymphoma at almost the same time


But Lymph told us he was leaving
Night disappeared


There are other people too Cough Brax Cough


They also mentioned they were leaving the forums. NightX left the games they had joined unfinished and even was hosting a game which they left unfinished.


What was the game?


I dont remember the name but it had something to do with demons and the devil.


It didn’t even start tho


Faustian Contract?


Well we also got some good ol beta people oh good ol rope.


that one shall not be brought up. kthxbye


but you know. Now for my announcement.

play this in background while reading

I won’t exactly be gone but I most likely will not be joining any new FMs or SFoLs for a while, meaning I will be less active here. I WILL be hosting games/working on games, just not playing.

for extra reasoning, I am not having much fun playing forum games. Usually because I either get mislynched early or I roll a really unfun class.

I seriously need to concentrate on bettering myself irl and just I need it for my mental health.


You may now celebrate :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:


That’s sus. Vote pug


Nobelium Uranium


yet hosting takes like 10x as much effort and stress as playing does


okay true.

but like, hosting is actually fun. Playing isn’t as fun


ngl i feel like this is just leftover salt from fates
that’ll pass in like a week
but you do you i suppose


sfol 29