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For if you are gone for long periods of time


Heck yeah it is.


i’m yeeting myself away again bye. Just came back for a few final games on this forum for nostalgias sake.

Best/Worst Forum Quotes

Why u do dis


why must you leave us once more, O great hippo


Gonna take a hiatus from FM. I’ve yet to have a break since being a part of it in October-ish, and I can tell I’m being burnt out recently. Not sure how long it’s gonna take exactly, but I’ll be back when I’m ready.


So figure I’d post this here- if ya didn’t already find out, my life is kinda in one of the points in which you are severely tested in your abilities to overcome obstacles thrown at you left, right,and center. It’s drained my time and energy for other activities. I mean hell, I had to yeet out Hockey to loosen my schedule early on this year. Anyway, no idea how long I’ll be gone- all I know is that I ain’t going to be busy 24/7, so I’ll have time maybe to slide in and annoy the crap outta the newbies spectate some games/meme in the dead chat.

Mainly just posted for info so I didn’t have to get pinged a thousand times for games I can’t really do anything in.


I relate to all of that

Good luck man


so for pinging u in sfol 46



I suppose it is time.

Feeling like I’m slipping, beginning to lose myself. For many things this shouldn’t, and doesn’t anger me. But now, I have nothing but rage.

In recent times I have battled with myself over what direction I would be taking with my involvement with the forums considering how overattachment has only brought me pain time and time again.

The sense of duty I hold to keep the forums alive after Marl left, it’s great and all. I still stand by that goal and will not be leaving the forums permanently because of it because of the wonderful experiences I’ve had here and how abandoning the community wouldn’t sit right with me.

I’ve put too much strain on myself. Failures in school have caused me to attach myself closer and closer to the forums, and my outbursts in real life and on forum have accelerated in frequency to the point of ridiculousness. There is no magic cure all that will change my perception, but something must be done.

I’ve split myself between Will and Geyde, with no crossover. And for that it is time to be myself again. My forum involvement is going to be limited if present at all until the end of school as I sort myself out again.

You can contact me on discord.

This will likely be my last post for a while.


FYI I still am doing slight mod stuff mainly in regards to rebalancing the workload since I won’t be on as often.

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School is 100x more important than the forums. If you have other things to do then do them. The forums is a leisure time activity, and is only for fun. IRL is more important than the forums. Additionally, there is no burden for anyone to stay here especially if they have other pressing matters.

If the forums is hurtful to you, then leaving is an instant desicion you should make without a heart beat. You should feel no guilt.


Sam I thought you were about to leave and I was about to be NUU

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I check the forums once in a while




I did this probably like twice. :smile:

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So stop posting :angry:

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It is hard to detach from the community :wink:

But anyway, if you really want to rest for a while, then be determined and log-off for good.