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For if you are gone for long periods of time


Wait why




mutters something about school being stupid blah blah blah


did you miss this message from him


That was over a couple of months ago


The Ligma finally caught up to him
It reached his head




Hey guys, just wanted to say that once Poker Mafia has started and is over (or before that) I will be taking a break for a while to sort my life out. I am bullied at school right now and it pushed me far enough to try not to go to school. I went so far I ended up picking up a razor and slicing my forehead open.

I hope you all understand and I love you all, even if you’re a dick to me sometimes or I’m a dick to you lmao.


Just so you know, I am okay now, no bleeding or anything.


Feel better


I’m glad you’re okay, take all the time you need and know that we all love and respect you for who you are. :slight_smile:


I’m gonna be going on a hiatus from forum games for a while, maybe forever and I decided it was best to leave the main server we had used too due to this. I thank many of you for bringing joy to my life. There have been ups and downs as expected but I wouldn’t really change a thing.

Since we’re only a few days away from Valentines, I guess I can reveal one more thing (Since Wolf too doesn’t use these forums much anymore). I’ve got a ring and I’m planning to propose to Wolf with it. We have been together for over two years now and I wouldn’t change him for the world, to say we’ve been through a lot is a complete and utter understatement but it’s how it is.

Take care everyone and keep gaming. Be yourself, for that is all you have at the end of the day.


I hope It goes well PKR.

Aswell, i will be taking a break from FM in general after im done DOTA 2 FM

Ill be on discord usually, i just need to focus on life, and im trying to get everything together again.


Wish you the best luck with Wolfy :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope it goes well too.


As much as our FM playstyles clash, I think you’re a cool guy and I wish you all the best in your life.

Congratulations on the relationship milestone as well. :heart:


I still havent recieved my invite for the wedding it must have gotten stuck?

See you mate take care.


:pray: wish you luck man, sorry if its late


I guess this is still the designated thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like I’m spreading myself thin and am not enjoying myself as much as I used to. I am not sure of the cause, but I will be less of a presence on the forum for a few weeks as I gather myself and hopefully be back full force. I also start a new job next week and I don’t want the start with the habit of being distracted by online forum games. Especially not as a first impression, before I scout out the work culture. Just wanted to inform everyone, thanks. :slight_smile:


That’s a great plan. 100% recommend no FM at work when you’re brand new!


Don’t leave I will have no one to annoy if you do