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For if you are gone for long periods of time


Just make sure you get your vaccines and you’ll be fine :+1:


Regardless I applaud you if you personally decide to take a break from the forums etc, sounds like it is a very wise decision.


Leaving the forum for a month.

All my games are on hold till then.


That includes Valkyria?

Should probably just get a mod to close the threads and then re-open later, also gonna have to do sign-ups again in a month


Hope you’re doing all right Eevee! Take care.


It was a joke… lol.


/s was very needed here. :confused:


People believing that braindead bullshit can kiss my ass


I’m friends with someone who used to frequently share posts from stuff Anti-vaxxers say to point out the absurdity of it, she’s a gem


Yeah. I have a grudge against someone saying “xxx causes autism” as if they’re saying that it’s the same as getting cancer. It massively downgrades people with the condition and it antagonizes the condition as a “life ender”


Hard to believe it was only late into the 20th century people thought of other people as less than human based on the characteristics, unfortunately it still happens in some areas of society. Thats a conversation for another day though


“Vaccines cause Autism!”

Well I’ll take a vaccination then, I have nothing to lose in that case


I have two reddits of it owo


r/vaxxhappened and r/insanepeoplefacebook?


quityourbullshit but I’m also into insanepeople


r/iamverysmart is also very good




Welcome back!


Quitting forums for the rest of the year peace


Farewell Luxy