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For if you are gone for long periods of time



pls gom play TOL with me and Ici <3


Wanna play?


Good bye everyone!

See you in May.


Wait wut


I’ll be back once my exams are over


I like this focus on school :+1:


So I’m doing this in place for CheesyKnives, as they’re at school and can’t access forums from computer.

So cheesy is going to be off for a while, or could be permanent. I don’t know why they might not be active, but it’s not my business. This pains me as cheesy was one of the first people to meet me and help me get started here. Also they put up with my shit faction idea that I decided probably belonged in the trash.

Anyway, see you in a while @CheesyKnives
-Forum Peeps


Well damn, that affects the smash tourney I think


(Long post inbound. TL;DR, I was sad and that was bad :^))

Hey y’all, got my computer back temporarily. Even though this should be for school, I’m a naughty boi. :^)

Probably should give y’all a heads up on why i’m not going to be here.

Recently, I got my grades back for some tests. They weren’t abysmal, really, but they weren’t really the standard me and my family expected. I didn’t really fret; I brought it upon myself, as I realised the lunchtimes I normally used for revising slumped into chatting with my IRL friends. That could easily be remedied with a change of schedule.
But my dad didn’t really see it that way. He said that I used discord too much (Personally I don’t think I do, if you’ve seen my activity on the DR RP :^)) and that I basically never studied. That was fine. I thought easily prove him wrong next time when tests came around.

However, I screwed up when i had a big sad. You know, a typical teenage episode. Kind of thinking to myself that I’m good for nothing, that I don’t do anything and that I’m dumb. The usual.

But then, my dad came in. Kind of had an “oh shnap” moment and tried to cover my face, as I was crying. (And knowing my dad, he would just go at me for it, because whenever I cry he does that) Then he saw that I was crying. Interrogated me for the next 30 mins. Wouldn’t let me go to bed, and wouldn’t take “I’m feeling uncomfortable, can I tell you later” for an answer. I knew if I told him, he would have a go at me for even longer.

So I sat there for like the next 45 minutes just hoping he would give up and go away. But nope. Eventually he made up his mind and thought it was because he said that I spent too much time on discord, and that i was getting emotional. My mum came, but wasn’t on my side because I had pissed her off by apparently being rude (because I didn’t think vaccinations caused autism ._.) So he decided to take away my computer to end my “hysteria”.

Not before dragging me to the computer in an attempt to make me block most of the sites I visited. Of course the dragging probably didn’t really help me as my fit increased.

So instead he just plugged it out. And said I couldn’t use it. I don’t know for how long , but my parents have done some pretty radical stuff, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I wouldn’t be able to use it for an extended period of time.

If you couldn’t guess I was a bit down after that whole ordeal. Shoutouts to my IRL friends for putting a smile on my face again, though.

So yeah. I’m here now, when I should actually be doing stuff for school :eyes: I don’t know when I’ll be on again, though I should be able to access discord on my school laptop before it gets blocked on there.

Peace out, my dudes. Uh.


download tor
have infinite dicord.


does tor work from chrome os


Honestly taking a break sounds like a good way to stop future conflict, and that should probably be a priority imo

I’d just do that for now - we’ll still be here when you return. :slight_smile:




idk what chrome os is


what chromebooks run on


lol probably not


thats an oof


Wait, your mom thinks vaccinations cause autism?




I’m not going to comment