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For if you are gone for long periods of time



pls gom play TOL with me and Ici <3


Wanna play?


Good bye everyone!

See you in May.


Wait wut


I’ll be back once my exams are over


I like this focus on school :+1:


So I’m doing this in place for CheesyKnives, as they’re at school and can’t access forums from computer.

So cheesy is going to be off for a while, or could be permanent. I don’t know why they might not be active, but it’s not my business. This pains me as cheesy was one of the first people to meet me and help me get started here. Also they put up with my shit faction idea that I decided probably belonged in the trash.

Anyway, see you in a while @CheesyKnives
-Forum Peeps


Well damn, that affects the smash tourney I think