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For if you are gone for long periods of time


I’m backkk. At the very least, I can type fully fledged sentences again without being impeded by lack of a laptop. I will see in what volume I will join games again in this kind of transitional period for me, but expect to see me playing again here and there. :wink:


like FM? :eyes:


Not a fan of turbo sorry. :confused:




Why’d you change your PFP? I got used to scum reaping solic


It’s still a reaper. :eyes: I preferred a more realistic portrait and this one was one of the first I found.

You’ll get used to this one just the same.


Is that a Blizzard thing?


And with Solic Returning at the worst time possible for me, I am leaving.

I will not be able to play FM and FoL games for a month, but i will keep my presence on the forums known.


Noooo Blizer! How dare you do the the exact same thing I did. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the timing sucks tbh.

But, i hope Australia will be enjoyable for me.

And, aswell Smash Ultimate when it comes out.


Going to the land down under? What for?


Vacation, and my sister has been in Australia for school, and she is graduating in December.


I wont be back till Christmas break.


Wot noooo


Gom to New Zeewand


I will take a break again from playing forum mafia for an undetermined time. :slight_smile: I get too invested and I prefer to focus on other things at the present moment.

Popcorn Turbo yay!

You wouldn’t be on New Year Party? PepeHands


New year, new me

What do you mean? I’ll probably be around here, but I just won’t join any games.


Im gonna take a break till I stop feeling bad about my game having serious integrity breach.

That should last betwen 10 hours to 1 month.


Sounds good, take as much time as you need :+1: