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For if you are gone for long periods of time


Why is everyone leaving


Giving things away is a very worrying sign in psychology.


Thank you, Ici.


I’m sorry, please forgive me. I loved the time we spent together in FM, but I wish you the best.


It’s okay Alice. You were cool. Very cool.


If you’re quitting games for self-improvement that’s awesome, but if you’re doing it for the opposite then jesus christ get some help. Tons of resources just a google away.

Fucking video game forums man :sweat_smile:




This word stings me, but I’d be a hypocrite to do anything else than wish you the best of luck. :wink:


also was there some sort of fucking prophecy that when i return a mass exodus shall occur?


Nah it’s just that memesky canned so many games that he not only canned himself but also half the forums


Memesky is forum Thor?


We will miss you Alice, I pray you get better and that you meet awesome people if you have to move because of circumstances.

Thanks for all the love you’ve shown us during your time here :heart: :heart:


No clue what the cause of this is, but I wish you the best. :slight_smile:


Actually that goes to everybody who’s leaving

I’m really behind on that kinda thing, but I love you all and hope to see you again!


Forum Thanos


Thank you for caring for me, but I’m tired of being a burden to you all, to my IRL friends, and to my family. Ever since my chronic depression began, I’ve been nothing but baggage for people close to me and I’ve seen this happen once again in these forums where I’ve repeatedly fuck games up from my mood swings and my emotional outbursts. I just want to set everyone free so I don’t drag people down like this. Again, thank you for caring for me, but please stay strong and carry on and enjoy life without me.


No Alice you’re not a burden at all! You’re amazing in every way and you are loved :heart: :heart:


I still think that you think that you are hurting us when in reality it hurts more for you to go


Uhhh, not trying to invalidate the way you feel, but this is hella wrong. If anything, you’re a pillar of this community who threw a hissy fit and is taking the blowback way way wayyyy too seriously.

Isolation is your worst enemy and depression’s greatest friend. Don’t shut yourself of from everyone. Taking a break from forum games that sometimes can take a heavy emotional toll can be a healthy choice for you, but don’t give us that BS of you being a burden to us. I don’t even know how you can make that shit up.

I’m tempted to tunnel you until you’ll agree with me.


My fit was only a symptom of my toxic emotional state, Solic. Please understand that me leaving the forums will be the best for everyone.