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For if you are gone for long periods of time


I like mythology and he just left :frowning:


I won’t. I just shouldn’t be allowed to play as I’m not in a strong emotional state to handle it right now. I’m even surprised that people here still want me to play as I’ve been behaving terribly as well. I don’t like that everyone here is suffering because of me.


Adjective mafia 2? :eyes:


By the time you get back hopefully we’ll be up to #3


If by everyone you mean no one


I’m being rude and a complete asshole to everyone in the matches I’m playing. I’m not usually like this and I absolutely wish to take some time so I can revert back to my old self.


I mean NO one thinks that


I think you are actually more upset about it then us tbh


Also I think we would be more upset if you left


This isn’t actually true if you look at an ongoing game, but everyone has their extreme nasty ATE moments from time to time. If it is ongoing, a break is healthy. If it’s once in a blue moon, it’s normal.


I’m still set by the point more of us would be upset if they left then if they stayed.


It’s a fact of life girls take the ups and downs more heavily. I just wish we could give you a big hug that’s all


When everyone starts leaving

it’s mine forever now Marcus


Yea, I agree with you, my boy.


I think you mean


pm this to hippo every day until they return :^)


I heard ITAs


So I have decided to take a permanent break from the forums, including hosting and any other actions at all. Before you ask, it has nothing to do with my recent flare-ups and they are more part of an ongoing problem that I’ve been facing for some time now and that none of you are at fault here, so please don’t feel guilty over me. I enjoyed my time here but sadly I will not be able to stay any longer. However, I’ll also give out the rolecards and mechanics for my OWFM setup to anyone who wishes to host it here before I leave.

In addition, I won’t have any more use for my Steam account along with other online servies and I would like to hand it over to @Firekitten for being such a great friend while I spent my time here. I will finish up any other game that I am in as I’ll also have some IRL issues to resolve and some loose ends to tie up.

While my departure will be sad, I’ll ask of you all to be happy for me. I’ve been struggling with my issues for some time now and only now will I finally be able to find peace and happiness for myself, so be glad for the time that we spent together rather than being sad for me going away.

So thank you everyone. I enjoyed spending time with all of you, and may good times be ahead for all of you.



@Alice i’ll tak the oerwatch setup for you
well, we need to expand hugely to replace the people we’ve lost over the past month