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For if you are gone for long periods of time


I figured this might be something to help.

A place for you to say if you might be completely off the forums (or just away from fm) for a not-insignificant amount of time, and possibly provide a reason.


RIP @NightX 2018. He should be kicked out of any games he is in. Last activity May 2nd!



did you stop breathing?


I think Vulgard needed it a month ago. @Vulgard. Death to you!


I had to reinstall my computers OS so that’s why I’m mega inactive recently


im going to be gone for a week monday-sunday next week. it just came up sorry


@Kai_5 live and breathe


i would like to reiterate that for the next week i cannot garuntee when i will or will not be active.

if necessary do replace me out of games


24 hour prod + 12 hour response then substitute






Burrito. Just dont try to spell, you can’t



Can confirm that is how you spell it.


Thx Insantie


But if it isn’t at leeeast 3 e’s in a row then what’s the point?


Let just move onto next stage .-.


Tittieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Oh hey it works.

@Lily you would agree, right?


Hay! That’s not even a real anime!


Anime more like animgay Oooooooooooooo sicc burn. :fire: :fire: :100: :joy:

(I am so sorry)


Alright. Let’s continue after my 100% accurate imitation of Memesky