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[Font] Dyslexic Mode


F you?





You don’t need to ping Boslof, he monitors the forums for ideas. Pinging him will only irritate him.

This is a great idea, however it’s very QOL, much like a colorblind mode. I’m sure they may add it some day if Boslof needs something to do, but it won’t be for a while.


Isn’t the person who can code really fast?


Yeah, I understand it’s not going to be on their top priority, but I would hope to see it along with colorblind features if/when those get implemented. I just wanted to get the idea out there, since a lot of games don’t consider their chatbox, and this is such a text-heavy game.


Not sure whether to bump or not. Will bump anyway to be safe :slight_smile:


Pretend I did tbh





But to be honest, it still is a good idea.