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[Font] Dyslexic Mode


Similar to “colorblind mode” that other games offer, I propose adding something I’d affectionately call “Dyslexic Mode”, whereby people could click a button to change all displayed text from its usual typeface into a dyslexic-friendly version.

The open-source version of this font is called Open Dyslexic, if you’re interested.

Since Throne of Lies has a lot of text, I think this could be a really good option, though I have no idea how hard it would be to implement. I don’t personally struggle with dyslexia, but I know my husband, who does, would be much better equipped to keep up with the flow of the game if there were a dyslexic font option.

After all, colorblind mode is meant to help with visually-heavy games. It makes sense that there should be a similar option for text-heavy games as well.



How does it work?


I would personally do @ one of the devs because I think this is a great idea

To scared to summon the gods tho


I was thinking a toggle button, similar to this:

Is that what you meant by “how does it work”?



How does the font help dylexia


You can google “Dyslexie Font” and their page has a bunch of explanations on how it helps.


Okay :slight_smile:


Would appreciate some more opinions here. I feel like this is a perfectly reasonable suggestion, what with all the font discussion going on lately.


@Ellie here’s something you can do



I was gonna call someone if/when this got more attention, but thanks I guess. Lol.


I wanna like this but I keep using up all of my likes or like someone would like to call it “like ammo” :frowning:


Idk what you’re trying to say, but you should like the post anyway :+1:


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I actually like the suggestion.
Personally, I have quite a lot of friends who are “suffering” from dyslexia and that leads to many vocabulary and reading problems on their side. Hopefully, along with the Color blind mode, dyslexic people can have the chance to play a game without having a hard time reading.

Hope it gets implemented!


Yeah me too my best friend has dyslexia


Just trying to keep this thread active here. :slight_smile:



You think this is a joke?

Do you know how much money it takes to post?
None at all!

Do you know how much it takes to make a new forum post? None at all!




This seems like an excellent idea. I can imagine playing throne of lies with dyslexia would be very daunting.


from what i fcan tell, its a font that has letters that would otherwise be similar, like b and d, and makes them drawn to be distinctly different than eachother, thus making it harder to mix them up


Simon you need to make the letters biggerzzz