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Font, also Dab emote


If there were supposedly 2 trollboxes. It must be a Fool + Fool or a Fool + Scorned tag team


(Pss demon, recommend doing @ )


I am a Scorned target everyone…


Pug X Insanity

I ship it.


Infinite trollboxes for a class anyone?

Not infinite :slight_smile:


Fool and Scorned have that.




En Guard! :gun:


Hey wait we need to have a count down D:


Too late! Already fired.


Oh well that settles that


please tell me if I get trollboxed again everyone


Well if he’s dead might as well get a little money…

We have :ice_skate:

At :greenland:


Nope. Nothing has been said about NozPuz. Everyone knows that Pugsanity is the truth.


You know why I like demons

Because they make people say what they don’t want to say

We know pug is just saying stuff from his heart :slight_smile:


ah fucking trollboxes, I never said that


(fyi I’m set on someone already, I do not show any attraction to anyone on these forums and if I do, it’s probably just me joking with them)

(the person is a woman too, thank you very much no calling her a man or saying she has a dick)


How did this happen?


I am surprised to



I am sorry, I don’t know