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Font, also Dab emote


Greetings everyone, so this i just my opinion about the new font for logsbook.

I think the new font is horrible, sorry but really i hate it, its almost unreadable, way too “skinny” (?) The old fashioned one before the new patch was really cool, and was in the theme of the game (medieval)

So here 2 solutions i’ve been thinking of :

  • Let the players choose between 2-3 font in game menu or anywhere else

  • Add in logs books, the ability of turning the typo in “Fat” and "
    Underline" (?) for accentuate the important info, or just for a better

Also here a last suggestion about Emote

  • Add the Dab emote, for 100k gp ( not kidding)

Since emote and colors are buyable i think its pretty cool. Why ? Because it cost like 4k and i really want to buy all of this, but i need to have GP, so i need to play game again and again…
The point is, its very cool when you have a goal, for the moment my goal is having 6k for purchase the pink colors, anyway, 100k is very long to have it but again, i think its a great goal for people who have already buy all the cosmetics, and also for those who really want the Dab emote :sweat_smile:

Thank you for your attention


If you take 20 minutes to play a game and win every single game (get 75 GP), you have to play for 445 hours to earn 100k GP.


Yeah well it can be too expensive but this is the point of it.
Its a real goal who not a lot people gonna achieve it.
Ans its the dab emote, almost everyone i think want this emote, so yeah 100k gp for dab emote is a great goal imo


Can anybody give a picture of this new font?


Dabbing in 2018.
Devs don’t need to waste time coding in dead memes.



New Meme

/shoot NightX


Dab emote never.

I will come to your house and nightshade you irl if you add a dab emote. Thank you very much sir


Yeah i know dab is like “eurk” “dab in 2018” etc…

But that why it will cost 100k gp, nobody will have it, just a few people :thinking:
Idk i just thought it will be funny to have a little easter eggs (i know its not the right term but idk how to write it)

So maybe not dab but i still think, a emote or even skin/weapon at 50,75 or 100k gp, can be cool


I love your thinking


I agree, Pug could not have said it better
Dab emote please


NANI?! I never said that


You did I have the quote right there


You edited that though


Ik right


If that works






Probably just a trollbox

Repeat please?


Umm what did I say?