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FoLT Game 1 | Day 7 (6/15)|GAME OVER (The Blue Dragon and Scorned won)


all of my moderrors were calculated to look like town in this game from the moment I joined
get rekt


That give me signal surely.


Wolfy, are the rankings up yet?


He’ll not be replying to this for a good few hours at least.
It’s June 8, 2018 2:29 AM (Europe: Paris), June 7, 2018 5:29 PM (America: Los Angeles) here




Btw if anyone wants a co-host for an fol I am available.


SFoL 31.


I said FoL read please.


Impossibility, leaving logic unquestioned while we should be discussing as much as possible. I chose to claim without claiming. Why? Claim vigi is always a nightmare. Let’s smash this and be subtle.

I remember how important PoE was in the Forum of Lies Tournament. Apply those theories here and we will win.


I mean, what you said sounds inspirational, soooo


That message was meant for Bastard Mafia… :expressionless:
This explains where it disappeared to


How’d it get here, of all threads?
Why were you on here, a thread untouched for five solid months?
Were you just reliving the bad ol’ days by reading? Are there shenanigans afoot? Is there gonna be another one of these?

Or was it just stupid?
Anyway Marl will probably be here in a second.


Your mind was in this game that explains it


I was looking for things which shown how important PoE is in games and i thought of this one


I forgot what PoE is. What is it again?


Process of elimination


And now we never speak here again.


Lol what?


Do you want me to call da Morl?
Cuz this is how you get me to call da Morl.


I carried my team to a loss this game