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FoLT Game 1 | Day 7 (6/15)|GAME OVER (The Blue Dragon and Scorned won)




I was sure BD would lose due to the high amount of mislynches


In the end it was my call. I talked to Alfa about it and the fact he did not confirm meant he lost his spot.

And as well as why you was picked as CL once again, Vandaly replaced out and I would have needed to modkill another slot, putting you at a disadvantage.


BD should thank me as I stopped the Priest being Modkilled


@Icibalus why did you decide fate pardon the cw btw


If I had to guess, he genuinely thought the CW was scum and thus wanted them alive.
I mean that alone put some suspicion on him but our aim didn’t change xD


And why’d you kill me!
I was telling the truth when I said I pretty much forgot about this game!


I didn’t


Also every time I said I forgot to kill someone I tried murdering mole but failed


I was talking to best Devout King ever.


Well don’t reply to me next time





Wait did cult kill me or fire???


Nah I murdered Everyone


Like Sniper!


Too soon




the pardon was a double-bluff to make me look like an idiot, actually


I realised that I had to look stupid if I was tosurivve any longer


I was convinced well before the game started, so what was the point?