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FoLT Game 1 | Day 7 (6/15)|GAME OVER (The Blue Dragon and Scorned won)


By the way, weren’t we supposed to have a random convert after Meme left? (Who I am now possibly blacklisting in any game I host along with Van?)


Nah that’s misunderstanding actually, if I convert someone will bring back to original number of three cultists.

You are also suppose to be cult leader instead of me, since you were the starting cult and not I.


get carried fellas




Yay I won :wink:


Not really no. True he was starting Cult, but you had to replace the Cult Leader before Vandalay decided to leave the game as well. As well as this, he had the same abilities as you and you were still in the process of picking them. Not only that, you were the most active Cult member at the time. I think you were the best choice or I would have needed to modkill another member which would put you at a worse disadvantage.


so memesky was cl


Yes, and he’s also a quitter.


wew lad


It’s true.


Tbone just returned and asked Pug to take back the slot if memesky quits.

I hate when this won’t happen


It shouldn’t be the most active, it’s the oldest.

Other than that, yes I got high chances I will lose.


I would like to apologize to everyone in my part as well. I had really not gotten the hang of it… also didn’t help getting a first game as cult, starting out with an innactive cult leader, then the innactive one being replaced by an also unable to get to the game player.

That being said, I mainly just massively underestimated the time commitment the forum game had, as well as overestimating my own real life free time. When it became apparent I was out of my depth I let wolf know I needed to be replaced. I won’t bog down any future games, as I doubt my life is going to actually have the amount of time needed anytime soon.


Yeah cult was pretty much ded from start


i blame you for this entire game




Thank you for the explanation.


This one sucks, however.


Meme, do you have a better explanation on why you left this game? You’d better answer if you don’t want to be blacklisted in games I host.


I was on a trip and i stated it in my classcard when i came back