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FoLT Game 1 | Day 7 (6/15)|GAME OVER (The Blue Dragon and Scorned won)


Icibalus have other priorities than just the prince.


If Prince had died, then Ici would have too.
So he didn’t have other priorities.
I’d recommend you just stop.
You’re making no sense…


My previous plan originally is to bleed the paladin claim and that I will use Innoculate on Insanity that he won’t die bleeding - except Memesky modkilled and Nerbins executed.

@PokemonKidRyan No sense to you maybe because it’s nonsense to believe that TechWolves and Icibalus were the only protectives, but aye the game is over so I leave at that.


I had a feeling Ici was Devout cause he let a lot of mislynches happen (including mine)


That is like signal to me, so I was hoping that Icibalus would keep up the fight at Day 7 but gives up which is a shame considering he is second bound.

I am glad in other hand, it was terrible experience.


That’s what I have been asking as well, 3 nights being too long.

I actually healed Whammerist N2 so if I was Cult Leader to begin with, I would have succeeded.


Also, may I add a further point?
You’re arguing Ici gave up.
However read my plan once over.
It essentially left Ici with no choice and secured BD’s win


The plan wouldn’t do jack to be honest, you can just ignore it and say it’s a sham.


I would HATE to see Revenant win though, so I am grateful for that Ici see that way.

I was actually hoping to mislynch you, but that would turn up bad if that happens.


Tbh i regret not using my last self care there


This proves why you lost. You can’t even logic and it’s game over.

My plan took the 3 people who weren’t already confirmed as BD and left it as a 100% chance that we would be left with those confirmed.
So your words are wrong here sorry to say


Plus the bleed on insainty didnt help since it only confirmed someone


Why waste innoculate if you are going to heal him anyway.


My plan wasn’t assuming all the other cult was dead.


In case the cult didnt belive me and thought there was a second phys that wasnt me


People stopped asking me doing any favors that made me play better.


I offered to self sacrifice for my plan.
So it was a win/win for BD, right?
I was a pro-BD player.


Yeah, but I didn’t think fire was in Ici - that’s a bad place to lock yourself in


Again, my plan would have left us with 4 confirmed BD meaning we knew it was us v Revenant.
If Ici had flipped BD King, I would have updated my logs.
Predicting Fire was in you or Sam due to the fact that you essentially have 2 lives and Sam is death immune (or can self preserve if changed class (Like I would guess he did))


He made a mistake somewhere along the line, though. Ow.