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FoLT Game 1 | Day 7 (6/15)|GAME OVER (The Blue Dragon and Scorned won)




It wasn’t fair fight after all.


You think I’d have pushed Ici so flipping hard if I was fool?
Yeah, no.
I’d have embraced the mislynch on me.
I was observer.
Seems I had truly tricked Cult into avoiding converting me. Lul


Nah mate, you didn’t.


Are you saying you would convert someone you thought of as fool?
Yeah, clearly not. So my point stands :stuck_out_tongue:


You brought this “oops it wasn’t N2 I meant N3” thing and I confirmed you.


Besides I wasn’t suppose to be cult leader after Memesky got modkilled.


Well. I forgot I was imprisoned since it wasn’t said in my main class thread.
So was an easy mistake.
Request to hosts, next time don’t do imprison separately :expressionless:


The game was bad since the cult didn’t even try so I got converted to losing side and you would be surprised how long I held out.

(Nah that’s twice I held out as scum, Demon’s first)


I had to zoom out just to see the thread in which I was imprisoned.
So this proves my point that I’d have forgotten and that my idea should be implemented.

Also, Frost… Ermmm… We really didn’t care tbh lul. We were just trying to get people down to PoE stage. Worked out perfectly too in the end with Fire jumping (I’d guess from you) into Cult King


I was wishing to end my suffering.


Tbone was returned from vacation and is about to get the slot until Wolfy modkilled it, apparently I discussed this with Pug and little to Wolfy.

I was not happy, PKR. I don’t like FoL game this bad.


Mistakes happens and we learn from it, we move on.


Alright Frost…
I mean I can agree that you shouldn’t have been CL but you would’ve only had Nerbins for a very short time as CL before anything else and may I ask…
Who did Nerbins suggest converting? Also, why tf did you go Wham two nights in a row?
You might have got converted but it was only due to your decisions that you lost.
If you’d have gotten Mole, it would have been a different story


If I wasn’t jailed, I would visit Whamm again and pick random convertible player.


Therefor reinforcing my physician claim.


Seriously? You’d waste 3 nights just to get off a single convert?
This proves why you lost Frost.
That’s a really bad idea.
Especially since nobody was observing (I wasn’t) on you.
It means you could easily be lying and that your case would’ve made no difference as we’d have no reason to believe you.


You did saw me visiting Whamm once.

And no I haven’t lied, not my fault you didn’t watch the prince long enough either.


Oh and that rupture by accident? Yeah…


Why would I watch Prince instead of seeing who a logical CL would actually go for as a convert? :expressionless:
It still makes 0 sense to waste 3 nights just for a single convert and to be able to claim you’re confirmed.
In fact, people may have actually accused you for this specific reason.
Ici was known to have been on Wham, so your claim makes no sense.