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FoLT Game 1 | Day 7 (6/15)|GAME OVER (The Blue Dragon and Scorned won)


memesky was probably Cult
and I lost because of him




Btw who guesses who my target was gets to say what I vote



I, Gundham Tanaka the observer shall be the barer of Thor’s hammer.
It is time for me to swing my weapon and make it crash down.
It is time Ici for this to end.

Down with the darkness of the Cult! The light always wins!


oh by the way if i don’t get one point for funny logs I riot


Joking, by the way. I think if I’d tried to shift the wagon onto Mole then I might have won this game, because then I could’ve framed you PKR, but the problem is that I’d be relying on somehow bullshitting my way to F3 with Fire ‘still alive’ and basically getting a free win.


isn 't waiting to be flipped exhillirating?

Anyway, I had a ton of fun this game, and thanks to everyone!


Going to let Wolfy handle the flip


The court gathered around the King, his eyes bewildered. He attempted to jump over the table, only to be grabbed by angry hands. He tried to kick the hands away, but to no avail. “My King…” the royal executioner looked at him, with pitiful eyes. “Is it true? You were against us this while time?” The King sighed heavily, and reached for his right eye. “I will not need this anymore…” the King muttered, a removed a fake eye that hid his missing eye. “My time is now up… The will of Mithras is too weak for powerful Blue Dragon members like you!” He waved his arm and made his way outside along with the executioner…

Icibalus has been ursurped for his crime agaisnt the Kingdom. He was…

The Devout King

The game is over!

The Blue Dragon has eliminated all threats to their Kingdom, they have won.

The Cult has failed to spread their tachings of Mithras to the Kingdom. They have lost.

The Spiritualist had disappeared after the execution of the King. They have lost

The Scorned has successfully gotten one of their targets executed. They have won.

Thank you for playing the first game. Unfortunately, me and Pug has made the decision to drop the other games since we have been having issues based on the layout on this and the current way that the game has been carried out slightly as well as the activity. There might be another one happening some point in the future if this gets fixed, but for now, this will be the only game happening. Prizes will still be handed out based on the current game.

I will make the mod list and rants to put in the end, and keep the discord open in case there is another chance of this happening. Hope you have enjoyed the current game however, and hope to see you guys soon again


GG no re fuck me


Wolfy. can you at least post my logs lol


Hello there! Are you sick of your horizons being held back by the Blue Dragon?

You’ve found the post-death pamphlet for Mithrasianism, which is a religion and 100% not a cult! We thank you for murdering me and reading this for a few moments of your time.

What is Mithrasianism?

Mithrasianism is a truth movement religon and 100% not a cult that is spreading a new truth that can give you magical powers! What is the truth? Well, it would be dangerous in the hands of nonbelievers, so you need to join for that.

But don’t worry, it’s 100% worth trusting me and defenitely dosen’t brainwash you into a sadomasochistic cult where you are seen as nothing more as pathetic mindless vessels of an evil doctrine! In fact, forget I even said that, because it’s not that!

So how do I join?

Simple! Get contacted by a cult le- I mean Truthologist who will teach you the initiation ceremony, which does not involve having your right eyeball gouged out and used as a ping pong ball! Why on earth would anyone think that was going to happen? The fact that all of our members have eye-patches is just a coincidence. Nothing to see here folks!

Famous people are already joining Mthrasianism! But I’m not going to name them because obviously you trust me! I mean, I’m entirely trustworthy person! Also our religion is against it! Yeah, that works!



Wolfy, can you get my DN up here OuO


Damn Ici.
Those logs would have convinced me.
You could’ve won if you’d posted them just a bit earlier :stuck_out_tongue:


The results of the tournament will be revealed in a few days time as we need to all have a read through the thread again, and work out points from there.


How the fuck were there so few cult?


I was expecting bit more of fight in you, Ici but ehh.

@PokemonKidRyan Are you fool?


Inactives…I am the only one active for wrong reasons.


But you were the leader?

I’m glad I was after the cultist mostly this game


No no, I was really Physician to begin with.

But I got converted by memesky.