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FoLT Game 1 | Day 7 (6/15)|GAME OVER (The Blue Dragon and Scorned won)


I already did


Btw you can vote to execute or pardon now.

Also next fol tournament will most likely be extremely reworked

If we even have a next time




You may now vote /execute or /pardon.


Need you to pardon

And then come on discord


if we ever have another FOL tournament, it should probably be hosted by the FOL Team.


Ban rev

I was too paranoid this game


Agreed. May I co-host fol 15?


depends on whos hosting it
you’ll have to ask them


Rev should be banned until a suitable rework has happened



I need you to pardon then come on discord


I could of distracted wham BUT NOO

@MtheJoker pardon plz while I distract 6 other people :frowning:


Oh well. At least me rolling rev as NK twice made it known as an unbalanced class.

I’m just going to work on Xed 3.0 while waiting.


Wait can we just end this

I have no way to win can we just end it lol


I have proof of sam talking about the game outside of the game modkill


No u


He said he wasn’t pardoning modkill


But yeah. Game 2 and 3 will probs not be on


End my suffering plz :frowning:


Quicktopic is really not a suitable option for chats tbh.

I’d rather have just used the FoLT discord server like I planned to