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FoLT Game 1 | Day 7 (6/15)|GAME OVER (The Blue Dragon and Scorned won)


Now make that 5 plz :slight_smile:


@Wolfy aaaaaaaaaaaaa get over here pls


That’s stupid, he does not count as a living player, because then he wins if there no king when three are alive


I agree but I cant usurp wolfy


It’s stupid

I’m great at remembering facts that help me tho


Yes, but I can

The revenant does NOT count towards majority, as dead players are dead.



Wolfy said it and I’ll be very sad if my strat fails because a host lied to me




Must make their emotions hurt




With 7 alive, Majority is 4.


Marl do a VC for us please


I have to distract two people now



And I can’t just give up now cause I lose points!

And who wants that



Accused Voters Count
Icibalus Moleland, PKR, Sam, MTheJoker 4/4

Icibalus is on trial

(Yes, M I know you unvoted after but it doesn’t count. As of this post he is on trial.)




Thank you Marl.

Greatest mod ever


I could of stalled longer but now I have to distract 7 people


Put him on trial please