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FoLT Game 1 | Day 7 (6/15)|GAME OVER (The Blue Dragon and Scorned won)


*hasnt won yet


We’re voting Devout King and you’re in him.
That’s a pretty secured victory




I knew a package that was pretty secured

Didn’t stop it from falling off a truck


@Whammerist @Insanity get your asses on here and vote Icibagel.
He’s devout King and Fire is in him.
Ici even admitted to being Devout.


No sleep!


Rev is so hard to beat as Town though


@PokemonKidRyan how did you confirm moleland?


Simple, I followed him.
He didn’t visit thus he is true Priest.
Confirming you too.

Furthermore, before you doubt me. Ici literally claimed Devout King so let’s not go there…


@Insanity I dont feel bad calling Ici an idiot anymore. Clearly his self-esteem is in good shape and I wont think twice about my desicions next time. Also that your scum reader is whack. I will not think twice about not believing Ici’s scum reads anymore. 99.9% that I was scum right, clearly I flipped scum. You contradicted yourself, I could quote a time where you said I was lock town and another where you wanted to lynch me.


Also the mislyches are irrelevant because it’s a rev game and they always come down to lynching at random anyway.


yup majority is 4 here with 7 living


Mister pug I hate to inform you but I actually count as a player is what wolfy said

It’s 5 I think


Yeah but you cant vote lol so 7 alive 4 = majority


I can’t vote

But I take up as vote spot


No you dont



Let me find that quote


May you do I VC please?




I need to read throygh