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FoLT Game 1 | Day 7 (6/15)|GAME OVER (The Blue Dragon and Scorned won)


Welcome ladies and gentleman to Game 1 of the Tournament with your host Wolfy and Pug. As a reminder, points are being given out for the style of your play out of five by the mod team as well as us, so play to the best of your ability. For the new players, attached below are the rules for the tournament as well as how the game is expected to go.


You will need to follow standard forum rules.

  1. Swearing is permitted. However, keep it classy – don’t overdo it and no targeting people. No racial slurs, discriminatory slurs, etc.
  2. No bullying, stalking, being overly creepy (esp. sexualizing), or harassing.
  3. We’re LGBT friendly – allow people to be themselves.
  4. Respect everyone, but esp. the Game Hosts/Fol Team. Don’t openly argue with with staff . They have the final say!
  5. Don’t share accounts and don’t create multiple accounts. (You will be banned if this is discovered)
  6. No posting NSFW content. (You will be removed as a player/backup if you are one and banned for the rest of the tournament)
  7. No Gamethrowing
  8. No backseat modding. If there is an issue, report it to a game host. In emergencies, @FoL Team(as they happen to be moderators to the site as well), but only after @Hosts and we either a) are not online for a good while, or b) we are unable to help with the current issue (but we will try and message the team first)


Days will be 4 IRL days long, or shorter if someone dies
Nights will be 2 IRL days long
Actions are done by messaging me and pug using the class card given to you.
Unseen/Cult will be talking through Quick Topics
Priest will speak with the dead through a separate Quick Topic
You must make a post within 24 hours with relevant content. If you do not post for 24 hours, you will be prodded. After the initial prod, you will be given an additional 16 hours to the prod. If you fail to respond to the prod, then you shall be removed from the tournament. If you have been prodded, and respond to it with no relevant content, then the prod countdown will still continue until you have posted something satisfactory.


To accuse someone say “/accuse [player]” or “/vote [player]
When someone is on Trial they will be able to post defence on the thread. Any pardon/execute votes cast before the chance of the defence will not be counted.
Once majority has been reached, the King has extra time to decide whther or not he wishes to allow the execution to go through, or to force pardon. When force pardoning/executing, it must be sent through the role card. To speed up the execution, you can say that you will not force pardon on the thread.
Executions end the Day
Trials WILL NOT pause the counter

After The Night

You will be told what happened to you

You slept peacefully
Someone occupied your night
For whatever reason, you instead visited [x]
Someone tried to occupy you but you had no time for them
You were attacked but you survived
You were unfortunately killed
Your attempt to kill your target failed
Your attempt to occupy your target failed
You were bewildered
Your ability backfired (Pants on Fire/Dark Rune)
You’ve been intimidated
You were exposed to deadly nightshade!
A mercenary has offered you a contract, do you accept?
You’ve been slapped and cannot vote
You’ve been threatened


Message me your entire journal, the last draft I receive before you die shall be the one displayed when your class is announced at start of day

Official Player List:

  1. PokemonKidRyan
  2. Sam17z
  3. techwolves
  4. Moleland
  5. MtheJoker
  6. Icibalus:crown:
  7. CheesyKnives
  8. Insanity
  9. Whammerist
  10. Braixen
  11. Frostwolf103
  12. Firekitten
  13. CaptainNerbins
  14. Rogue
  15. PoisonedSquid

Please make a post to the new message that I have sent you with Game 1 reroll so they will appear on the top of my messages rather than using the last class cards and confirm to the new class cards in the thread.

Good Luck~ :wolf:

Timeline of Forum
SFM: Enemy Within 2 - UNATCO and Rogue Agent Victory
FoL the 18th One. HOSTED BY YOUR UNCLE - GAME END - Cult and Fanatic Victory

Important Game information:


Day 1 - The Crowing of King Icibalus and Start of Day
End of Day 1, start of Night 1
Start of Day 2 and the death of Firekitten? (I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!)
The trial of PosionedSquid
Resuming the trial of PosionedSquid
The execution of PoisonedSquid the Noble and the start of Night 2
Start of Day 3 and the death of Rogue (The wolves howl in sorrow)
Trial of Sam
The execution of Sam and the start of Day 3
Start of Day 4 (A wonderful Night)
The trial of Braixen
The Trial of Nerbins
The end of Ritualist Nerbins and the start of Night 4
ANOTHER GHOST?!?!?!? (The revival of Sam17z)


Day 0 - Old mistaken thread
Night 1 - Firekitten (well… sort of?) - The Spirtualist
Day 2 - PoisonedSquid - The Noble
Day2 (MODKILLED) - Memesky - Unflipped
Night 2 - Rogue - The Hunter
Day 4 - Nerbins- The Ritualist
Day 5 - Braixen - The Court Wizard
Night 5 - techwolves - The Physician
Day 6 - CheesyKnives - The Mystic
Night 6 - Frostwolf - The Cult Leader


/affirm the con




Let’s do this!


Don’t we all just hate it when the game gets rerolled before you can make a shit RVS vote despite the fact there’s no voting on Day one?

/vote Firekitten


All Hail King Icibalus!

Let him reign the Kingdom with goodwill and prosperity.

Day 1 will end 3rd May at 7pm GMT (2pm CST)

Official Count Down


Im bringing back poll tax pls no revolt




anyway, now to PLAY in a game where the hosts are unreliable instead of hosting it.
This… is pug’s wild ride.


By the way I hereby declare hyperposting illegal. Please try and post fewer but longer posts instead of lots of basically contentless memeposts.




Hey, my Returnof the Blue Dragon game hosting skills wasn’t that bad. True I made a few mod errors, but least I now remember to double check stuff.


I’m very excited tbh



I will disobey it

You can’t control me!



Oh no not the taxes, King Ici!


It’d be nice to be actually able to read you for once you know.


Let’s start a mass claim shall we :wink:



/Vote Firekitten




I rather that we keep our class to ourselves for now